Bars on Mustique

When you’re vacationing in an exotic oasis like Mustique in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it’s only natural to want to live it up and have an excellent time relaxing and having fun during your stay. There are a number of great spots to grab a drink on the island of Mustique. We’ve outlined just a few of the best below for you to try!

Patrick’s Bar

Housed within the Firefly Hotel, Patrick’s Bar is a hotspot for celebrity sightings, from the late David Bowie to Robert De Niro and Kate Moss. Have a great time and an even better drink while looking out over Britannia Bay and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, sipping on an inventive cocktail. You might even find yourself joining the famous Mustique Martini Club that calls the bar home! Patrick’s Bar is also particularly well-known for their immense selection of wines, from top-shelf premium French wines to over twenty-five different kinds of champagne.

Basil’s Bar

Basil’s Bar is one of the best places to go when you want a refreshing cocktail or an ice-cold beer and a lively ambiance conducive to live music and dancing set against the stunning shoreline backdrop of the Caribbean, especially during Wednesday Night Jump Ups and Sunday Night Sunset Jazz events. Basil’s Bar also plays host to the Mustique Blues Festival each year from late January to early February, drawing in crowds of locals and visitors alike for fun-filled evenings during the event.

The Veranda Restaurant

While the Veranda Restaurant may be a restaurant, its exhaustive list of wines of all types from across the globe makes it a must-try for true lovers of wine. The restaurant’s prices can be quite steep; the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu is over $700.00, though many bottles are available for a reasonable price within double-digits.

The View Restaurant and Bar

A friendly, low-key spot, the View Restaurant and Bar is known for its iconic, indescribable view, best enjoyed with a cold drink in hand and the company of your guests. Handcrafted cocktails will cool you down on a warm day.

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